Taking a Break.

Hi guys.

I promised to give you guys an update of everything that I’ve been up to today, but I took some time to think and evaluate some things. I realized that at one point I went into blogging because it made me feel good and was a huge stress reliever. It was always important for me to post content that I’m proud of and actual want people to see.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been proud of my posts for months now. I feel like I kept writing because I wanted to keep that part of me alive that wrote for fun. But she’s gone. At least for now.

So I guess this is my official announcement.

I will be taking a break from the blog for a while. I don’t know how long it’ll be, but I promise you this isn’t forever. I’ll most likely post some really short updates from time to time just to let you guys know that I’m alive and well.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck around through my fumbled posts. I promise to take this time off to recoup and find my love for writing again.



Meg On The Mic Ep.6- Quick Apology


Hi guys!

Sorry I didn’t get any material up on Tuesday. This kind of explains why. Be ready for my post next week where I explain where I’ve been!


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twitter: @_megannlouise_

instagram: @meg.rosecrans


Starting My Youtube Channel!

Hi guys!

Those of you who have been around for a while might have noticed that I have an embedded Youtube link in the sidebar of my homepage that takes you to an empty channel titled “Megann Louise.” Well after months of trying to convince myself to take the plunge, I’m finally doing it!

I’ve wanted to make a Youtube channel for as long as I can remember, but I always chickened out. In middle school, I made an account just to learn about what Youtube was, and ultimately got made fun of by my classmates for my videos. Not going to lie- I would’ve made fun of me too. Sis wasn’t cute.

The teasing I got scared me and made me nervous to venture back into the Youtube scene. Like I said, I spent months fighting myself over whether or not I should start posting videos again. In the eight-ish years that I’ve been off Youtube (posting, anyway) I learned a lot about filming and editing that would help bump up the quality of my videos (which wouldn’t be hard since my old videos were filmed using my laptop’s webcam).

I have a lot of plans for my channel and I’m excited to get started! To subscribe, click this link or go to the link in the sidebar to be redirected to my channel!



My Dream Closet |My Pinterest Plans

Welcome back to the best series for people who hate reading!

For today’s post, I thought I’d dig into my most-pinned-to board on Pinterest- my clothing board. I use this board on days when I feel like shopping but have no money. Pinning things to the board feels like adding clothes to my cart and feeds my addiction without running my bank account dry. I also like to use this board when I find outfits I like so one days when I can’t think of what to wear, I can go to the board and scroll through my pins to find inspiration.

At the time I’m writing this, my board has 6.1k pins (I know, I’m a wreck). I’ve always had an obsession with baggy lived-in clothes as well as neutral colors so that’s mostly what you’ll find on my private clothing board.


 Casual Outfit Winter Outfit Ideas This Winterwinter styleCozy fall outfit. White knit cardigan with blue jeans. Casual style inspiration. Winter outfit ideas. Women fashion. #falloutfit #winteroutfit #comfyoutfit #womenfashion #casualstyle #whitecardigan #bluejeans #knitwear #knitcardigan


fashion, outfit, and style image  #summer #outfits red off the shoulder top + vintage jeans

Entire Outfits


Beiger Pullover #beiger #pullover  No outfit screams my name louder than this one. OMG I love that top and goes so perfect with that denim and those sandals! Love it all! via Aeropostale on Instagram... 20 Must Try Spring Outfits | The Crafting Nook by Titicrafty pin ↠ natalyelise7 pinterest//annagraceasbury ➵☼✝︎You can't go wrong with a timeless waffle knit blouse for fall afternoons - this gorgeous blouse is the perfect addition to your fall closet!


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The Life of a College Student as Depicted by The Office

College is a rollercoaster of emotions. So is The Office, a television show that college students seem to be obsessed with. I can see why, as so much of what goes on in the show is relatable for any student.

1.  When you check your bank account to see if you can go out to eat with your friends.

2. When your friends go to the library without you.

3. When you tested into a high math on accident.

4. Making sure you’re eating 3 square meals a day.

5. That failed exam?

6. When you decide to change your major after already taking classes you won’t need.

7. Reviewing the entire semester’s material for final exams.

8. When it’s time to go but your professor keeps lecturing.

9. When the friends you made fall semester don’t talk to you during the spring semester.

10. Coming back to your home town after working your ass off all semester.

I could go on forever with more ways that The Office is just soooo relatable, but



15 Vines I’m Still Quoting

It’s been two long, painful years without Vine. To mourn the tragic death on its anniversary, I have compiled 15 vines that I catch myself quoting all the time. Rest in peace, legend. We miss you.

  1. “Look at all those chickens!”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-3.20.05-PM.png

  2. “Road work ahead? Uh, yeah. I sure hope it does.”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-3.21.28-PM.png

  3. “Me and my boys are going to see Uncle Kracker.” Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-3.25.37-PM-e1546461407591.png

  4. “Wow.”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-3.22.05-PM-1-e1546461563209.png

  5. “What?”

  6. “And they were roommates.”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-3.30.49-PM-e1546461778404.png

  7. “An avocado! Thanks!”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-3.31.36-PM.png

  8. “Adam!”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-3.28.15-PM.png

  9. “That hurt like a buttcheek on a stick.”Image result for that hurt like a buttcheek on a stick vine

  10. “You have been stopped.”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-4.11.53-PM.png

  11. “Merry Chrysler.”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-4.14.15-PM-e1546463724874.png

  12. “I don’t have enough money for chicken nuggets.”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-4.17.57-PM.png

  13. “Oh my God. He on X Games mode.”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-3.50.51-PM.png

  14. “Lebron James.”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-3.59.09-PM.png

  15. “What the fuck is up Kyle?”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-3.53.50-PM.png

Why I No Longer Use Plastic Straws

Last year I was given the opportunity to get a reusable straw for less than 50 cents after a coupon was given to me on an online site. That’s when I started my research into reusable straws and why they are all the talk. What I learned was crazy. Here are some quick facts that I learned when looking into the importance of reusable straws.

  • It is impossible to recycle straws.
  • The U.S. uses 500 million straws a day!
  • Scientists predict that by the year 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans.
  • Americans use straws at an average rate of 1.6 per day.

Think about the last time you used a plastic straw. Where did it go when you were done with it? I bet you didn’t bat an eye when you threw your straw in the garbage. Most people don’t. They just carry on with their day. I’ll be honest… that was me.

Strawless Lids

Many businesses have made alterations to their policies to enforce the straw-free lifestyle. Starbucks, for example, pledged to entirely remove plastic straws from their locations by the year 2020. They plan to replace straws with recyclable lids (pictured left). They also sell hard plastic cups that you can ask your order to be served in. You can bring those cups back and get all your future orders served in them as well.

I also noticed that my university has banned the distribution of plastic straws as well. It was super exciting to see the movement expand to my university of roughly 17,000 students.

Let’s do the math real quick.

1.6 straws used a day  x   17,000 students =   27,200 straws prevented from entering our environment!

If every student at my university adjusted to the strawless lifestyle for only a day, we could prevent 27,200 straws from getting into our environment!  And that’s just at my school. Do the math for your school and see how many straws your campus would eliminate if they converted!

When I pull my straw out of my purse or backpack, I get a lot of mixed reactions from those around me. I’ve had friends laugh at me and say I’m ridiculous. I’ve also had friends who encourage me and ask where they can get their own straws. It feels good to know that although I am only one person, I am making a huge impact on the people and environment around me.

I have two different styles of straws. I preferred stainless steel over paper, but that was just my choice. If you’re into paper straws, GO FOR IT! At the end of this article, I linked the straws that I use so you can purchase your own and get started on making the change!

The style that I was interested in first was the collapsible stainless steel straw with a hard case. It was really easy to throw in my backpack before school and it’s even attachable to a keychain. I found a better quality version of the one I have on Amazon and I decided to link that one rather than the one I have because there were some issues with mine when I got it. This type of straw is great for drinks with more of a watery consistency because the rubber inside makes it hard for thicker drinks to travel through. So if you’re one who is constantly on the go and drinking water, pop, or juice, check this straw out!

I also own stainless steel straws that are not collapsible, but they came in a pack of four with two different styles- bent and straight. These straws also came with a carrier, however, this one is made of cotton. They’re great for tumbler cups or Starbucks drinks if you’re one of those whose lives just won’t go on without a straw in their frappuccino. These straws come in packs of 4 and packs of 8, so you don’t need to wash one before using another. Each pack comes with at least one cleaning brush (depending on the pack you purchase).

If you STILL think adjusting your straw habits won’t make a change, watch this TEDx Talk by Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff.







Collapsible Straw

Rainbow Straws