An Update

It’s been quite a while since I uploaded any quality content to my site, and although I’m sure I could give a lot of bullshit excuses, I know that I can’t blame it on any reason other than my laziness.

There have been plenty of times where I have checked my site’s analytics, then immediately clicked out of my account, as if the views on my page would grow without any effort. Of course, I have my many loyal readers who will still check on my shitty posts, but if I want this site to excel, I have to continuously push out great content.

Before I go writing like I never left, I feel as if I need to inform my readers of some changes that have taken place in my life. If I don’t do this, a lot of people may be confused. I’m very public on my social media, however I don’t post every single life update on my site. So if you have not already done so, please follow me on Twitter and Instagram! My “@”s are in my About page!

But back to my life updates, here we go.

  • My cousin passed away back in September after losing his battle with depression. Rather than going into extensive detail, I will link the Facebook page for the organization that his mother and father created, “Project SAFE: Cedar River Corridor Area.” I encourage everyone to check it out.  They are a nonprofit organization with the mission to “reduce the stigma around depression and increase suicide awareness and education.” It’s an amazing organization and the meaning is very near and dear to my heart.
  • I am no longer working for Boys and Girls Club. After almost six months of working for BGC, I resigned. I felt as if the atmosphere was hindering my performance and overall well-being. I was being treated differently than I originally was when I took the job, my hours were immediately cut after I was hired, and pay was not enough for me to support myself as I leave for college in the fall (we’ll get into that too). The students I engaged with on a daily basis were fantastic and inspiring, however the disconnect with myself and the other staff was what ultimately led me to submit my resignation. It’s unfortunate, but I am extremely excited to push myself further and take advantage of new (and better) opportunities.
  • I will be attending Cleveland State University in the fall of this year. Many of you know that I was accepted to attend for the Fall 2017- Spring 2018 semesters, however I opted to take classes at my local community college. I had previously taken classes at the same community college when I was a senior in high school, so I felt comfortable with my decision. However, halfway through my first semester I realized that it was not what I had hoped it would be. That was when I decided to take the spring semester off to devote more time to my job. So, I will still be considered a freshman next year. I’ve still been debating between a bunch of majors because after working at Boys and Girls Club, I realized that teaching may not be for me. So as of right now, I intend on majoring in Film and Digital Media. I would love to direct, produce, or edit movies. This is something I have been interested in since I was very young.
  • I recently went through the loss of a dear pet of mine, my hamster Arodite. I had her for a year and a half when she passed away. She was my little fur-ball and I loved her a lot. Days when I was stressed or unsure about things, I would let her run around in my bed, and she would sometimes lay right beside me and take a nap with me. It was a scarring experience for me to hear her gasping for air and trying to fight. At 19, I have never watched an animal die, so I did not know how to deal with it. With tear-filled eyes, I went into my sunroom while my dad put her down a few rooms away. It was hard for me knowing that I couldn’t be there with her, although she was struggling to recognize me anymore anyway. As I’m writing this, it’s been three days since she passed away. I’m doing a lot better now, understanding that she lived a long life for a hamster. No matter how old you are, losing a pet hurts.

Although many things are going on in my life as of now, these are the few that I am willing to share publically. As time goes on, I plan on unveiling more to my readers.

Thank you to those who have stuck around, followed my site and myself, and sent me words of encouragement. I promise that my site will be back to it’s old ways soon enough! In the meantime, feel free to skim some old articles and share them with friends! It means a lot to engage with my readers, so use my contact page linked at the top of my page to get ahold of me or comment directly on my articles! Also, follow my page to be updated when I post new articles and content!

I look forward to sharing more with everyone!


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