Update 2 – No Posts?

Hello guys!

It’s been almost two months since I posted my first update. In that update I promised that my site would be back up and running soon. Two months seems like soon enough, right? Ok, well now it’s time for the update on how that’s going.

Spoiler alert, it’s not going anywhere.

I had big plans for this site, with about ten to fifteen new posts prewritten and ready to post. However, my laptop completely took a dump on me, and I lost all of the entries that I had been working on. Of course I now regret not typing my entries on wordpress, which would save and even schedule my posts for me. But preferring the simplicity of Microsoft Word, I write all my articles on there, proof read them a few times, and then transfer them to wordpress to schedule their uploads. Unfortunately, my laptop decided to have a meltdown just days before I planned on scheduling uploads.

So now here I am, a month or so since I began making alterations to my site and writing new content, with nothing to put out for my readers. To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. I am upset with myself for not doing my proof reading a couple days sooner, not writing my entries in wordpress directly, and not scheduling my posts before the laptop issue. This all could have been prevented.

My apologies to all those who have sent in emails asking for new content, to which I often promised content releases shortly after. My apologies to all my other readers as well. This is a huge problem that has worried me for weeks now, and I am trying my best to get this site back to how I promised it to be.




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