Moving Out & Moving Up

In just a few months, I’ll be moving out on my own. I’ll be going to a city that’s roughly an hour away from my hometown. I guess an hour distance isn’t that far away from home, but I’m taking baby steps. To me, I think being an hour away from my family is terrifying and I’m nervous to see how I cope once I first get out there.

I’ll be moving to my apartment (hopefully) on the first of August, and that will give me a couple weeks before classes start. So that means I’ll have a lot of time to navigate through my new town and maybe make a few friends from the area.

So far I haven’t purchased anything of great value for my new place. I have a huge list building up on my phone of the “necessities” that I need to pick up, and absolutely nothing is checked off yet. Good news is that it’s fully furnished and comes with all cooking utensils and dining ware. So that saves me plenty of money that I will undoubtedly blow on other things that I do not need.

It’s difficult for me to really wrap my head around the fact that I’ll be on my own soon. I think that distracting myself with shopping and decorating will keep my mind off of the harder parts of the transition (rent, groceries, school, employment). I worry that I’ll settle down and then everything will hit me like a ton of bricks. If I overwhelm myself with it, things won’t be pretty.

But with only three months left until my departure (83 days to be exact), I have to commit myself to completing all of the “adult” tasks. I have to sign for my place, work out some things with loans, and finish any last minute requirements by my University. All the fun things, you know?

I’m super thrilled to be growing up and moving out of my family home, as even the tiniest change in scenery could be good for me. I know that it won’t be easy at times, but that’s life. All I can do is buckle up for the ride.

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