My Apartment Necessities / Shopping List

In just two months, I’ll be moving to my first apartment and I’m super excited for all the experiences that come with that. But with experiences come expenses. Ever since I saw my apartment for the first time, I was making a shopping list of everything I need. I figured I’d help out anyone else who is trying to make sure they have all their ducks in a row before they move into their own place. I also picked some of my favorite items from Target to link in this article so you guys can get some ideas.


Cosmetic Organizer 

I like this one because it’s got big drawers for my larger products, and I can keep my palettes on top. It’s clear so I can see everything and it won’t take up too much space either!

Garbage Can

Bath Towels 


Hand Towels 

Hair Towels 

I love using turbie twist towels! They leave my hair tangle free! Maybe it’s a bit of an extra expense, but it’s well worth it!

Hand Soap 

Toothbrush Holder

Shower Curtain 

Unless you have a sliding door, this is an obvious purchase. You can always use curtains to spice up a boring bathroom! I’ve been really into floral patterns so this one is my favorite so far!

Bath Mat 

Toilet Mat

Over-The-Toilet Shelving 

This will definitely come in handy for me since my bathroom doesn’t have any cabinetry in it. It’s easier to store things vertically than horizontally!

First Aid Kit

Toilet Brush


Living Room

Throw Blanket 

This one is super cute and not too heavy. Just enough for a chilly morning! I love having small throw blankets around the house just in case.

Plants / Decorations

Couch / Chairs

Couch Covers 

This may not apply for many people, but the apartment I’m moving into is fully furnished. I get a couch and two chairs in the family room that don’t match each other and look a little worn out. They don’t even match the walls!

Lighting (for those without overhead lights)






Garbage / Recycle Cans

Water Filter

Ok, let’s be honest- WATER DOESN’T TASTE THE SAME EVERYWHERE!!! Sometimes I think it taste dirty. A water filter (to me) is a necessity.


Dish Soap


White Board

Great for reminders regarding grocery needs! I’m very forgetful so this could really come in handy.

Can Opener

Dishes / Bowls

Silverware / Cutlery

Dish Towels


Cups / Glasses


Odds are, when you first get your apartment you’ll be on a tight budget. You can’t let any food go to waste! Left overs aren’t bad!

Microwave (if not included)


Coffee Maker

Table / Chairs


Bed (duh)

Comforter / Quilt




Clothes Hangers

Shoe Rack


Night Stand


Lighting (again, if overhead isn’t included)



Clorox Wipes


Dust Rags



Those are some of the items on my shopping list! Let me know if I left anything out (I probably did). Are you moving soon? Did my list help you? Let me know!

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