Our 2 Year Anniversary!

Disclaimer: This article is all over the place. Be ready.

Firstly, thank you…

Today I got the notification that it’s been two years since I registered through WordPress to start up my own website. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long already because it only feels like a few months to me!

I know it hasn’t been two years since my first post, but it’s still a monumental stepping stone for me. So I want to thank you for sticking around and giving me support through all of my crazy emotional antics I’ve published on Megann Louise.


My favorites so far…

Journey: The Road to Health and Self-Love 

This article is my favorite by far. Although my writing was poor, it was one of the first posts I made that was really deep and showed who I was. When I wrote this, I was struggling a lot and I felt like I was stuck. Even though I had gotten significantly better that I was before, I was still not how I wanted to be. I thought if I posted a small snippet of my journey online, it would motivate me to push forward and eventually get to where I want to be. After publishing it, I started getting messages from people who read it saying that they were astonished by how honest and real it was. Some even said they were in the same place. It was beautiful to know that both them and I were not alone.

   An Open Letter to The Graduating Class of 2017

When I wrote this, I was preparing to leave high school. As everyone else was excited to go and move to the next chapter of their lives, I was nervous. I didn’t have any idea what my future would hold and that scared me. I loved the security of high school and seeing the same people everyday that I’ve seen since kindergarten. I hated thinking about how many people I was leaving behind without getting to know them or speaking to them more often. It felt weird. So I composed my thoughts in a somewhat comical way in hopes that my classmates would see it.


To The Boy Who Didn’t Love Me Back

This was an article about a guy that broke my heart. I didn’t want to write about him anymore, but whenever I did it felt like I was releasing the pain I was forcing upon myself. I seem to find motivation to write whenever I’m going through something rough. The guy I was with at the time was very back and forth with me. But of course I was blinded by love and wanted him back each and every time he left. This was my letter to him when he refused to listen to my side. Petty? Yeah, probably. But it was just how I like my articles- real. Spoiler alert: I let him back again. And wrote about him again. Silly Megann.

 6,889 – An Internal Exposé

This was loosely based on  Journey: The Road to Health and Self-Love  in the sense that it was another deep article about who I am and what I’ve gone through. My goal was to show people that the person you see isn’t all that the person is. I wanted to encourage others to open up and share their stories just like I had. It felt like I was taking my mask off and showing people the truth.

Paying Homage to 2017

2017 was a crazy year for me. A lot went on that I didn’t update my readers about and I didn’t want to go into the next year without sharing what the year had blessed me with. I addressed my friendships, employment, and relationship status. That’s why I love it so much. Introducing my readers to Zach was a little hard. I wasn’t sure if I was ready because we hadn’t been dating for too long and I didn’t want to be type-cast as the girl who writes about relationships and break-ups all the time. But I also didn’t want to be the girl who hid a huge part of her life from her readers.

 An Open Letter to My Ex Best Friend

This article got a lot of attention- probably because it sounds like there would be some drama. However, it was really heartfelt and moving. I got to say everything I’ve been wanting to say for months. It felt great to get things off of my chest and see the beautiful reactions I got from my readers. I was getting so many messages from people who were in the same place as me. It made my heart so full to see how much my feelings touched my readers.

My writing process…

Whenever I want to write, I spend hours straining my brain trying to think of something good to write about. Most of the time I write about things I’m going through because they seem to come the easiest to me. Other times I look for motivation on Pinterest. I’ll scroll through my feed and see random pictures that evoke an emotion or memory. Then I’m about to write.

I start off with a notebook. I jot down an outline of whatever I want to say. The paper is normally a mess after about ten minutes of scribbling things out and drawing arrows to different sections. There’s normally a few inspirational quotes at the top of the paper that have to do with whatever topic I’m writing about. These help the flow of ideas in my head.

After successfully outlining an article, I start typing out a rough draft. This normally takes an hour or two. This is when I write out whatever it on the outline, move things around, and reword some sentences. I normally have specific concerns already etched into the outline for me to focus on once I start writing so I make sure to take care of those before the final cut gets published and made public.

Why I write…

I love to write and I always have. I used to write everything in my school notebooks in high school. My friends would check them out and encourage me to make my work public for everyone to see. I was hesitant at first, but I eventually gave in. I wasn’t sure what was acceptable to post, so I decided to make my own rule. Whatever I felt comfortable sharing with others was what I would post.

It felt great to have my feelings shared and reciprocated. So many people come to me and tell me how much they relate to whatever I posted and some even became some of my online friends! I get so much motivation from my readers who are so loyal. I love the nice comments and messages I get because they remind me that I’m not alone where I’m at and people get me. I won’t lie, sometimes I get a little carried away and turn my website into my diary, but I think that’s what makes it so unique. I’m not a by-the-book writer. I do things my way whether I get a good response or not. I take pride in all of my posts. They were all baby steps to where/who I am now.

I want to thank every single person who has taken the time to check out my site and even read a few articles. My content directly expresses who I am and it means the world that so many of you take the time to get to know me. Your kind words and support have made me so excited to continue doing what I love. I don’t think I’d still be writing without you guys.


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