How I’m Feeling A Week Later

Hey guys!

So I realized that I left you all in the dark regarding my last post. I was going through a huge defeat and was unsure of what would turn out. Fortunately enough for me, I am able to vent on this platform. I always feel a lot better after writing my feelings through my site. It feels like people are listening and I can say whatever I want.

I don’t want to make this any special post so I’m not going to go into detail about anything just yet (or maybe at all). I am just writing this to let you all know that I am doing a lot better and I no longer feel the way that I did before.

I’d like to thank everyone who reached out to me as a shoulder to cry on. Your support meant a lot to me and helped me see the brighter side of things.

Stay tuned for new posts that will be coming soon!


Megann Louise

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