My Top 10 Favorite Songs Right Now

Hey guys!

As some of you may know, I have a Spotify playlist just for my readers. When I first made it, I added as many of my current favorite songs as I could before my thumbs turned to mush. Since then, I’ve made so many great discoveries and neglected to add them to the list!

While updating the playlist, I thought I could pick some of my favorites and give them an extra moment in the spotlight. They’re all really good (obviously), but some of them hit a little harder than the others. I usually listen to these songs whenever I go on long car rides so I can look out the window peacefully.

French Riviera- Cautious Clay

I never really listened to Cautious Clay until I heard this song and then I gave his music a chance. Not a disappointment. Something about his voice is so comforting. And this song is so catchy!

Alone- Lund

I’ve really loved a few Lund songs recently but Alone really tops them all. I can’t really describe why, but if you listen to it, I think you’ll understand.

Hold Me Down- Daniel Caesar

I have always loved Daniel Caesar’s voice. He could sing a grocery list and I’d still be in a trance. This song made me feel some type of way when I updated the playlist, so I chose it over his others. They’re all super good though.

Morning View- Towkio

This song makes me think of waking up on a beach with someone I love. It gives me calm summer vibes and I really dig it. I gave it a chance and when I heard SZA come in, I knew I didn’t make a mistake.

don’t worry about me- killedmyself

I love the guitar in this song. That’s why it made the list. I mean, I love the song, don’t get me wrong, but I seem to get lost in the guitar every time.

Beaches- Tokyo Police Club

I discovered Tokyo Police Club on accident. This was the first one I heard and I was hooked. I can’t tell what it is about their music that really gets me, but it hits. It makes me want to drive down a backroad with the windows down.

Cry Bird- Tennyson

Tennyson is 10/10. Always will be. The vocals give me chills. This song really hit home and it made me feel a lot better about where I’m at. It also gives me the urge to film some sort of montage.

Resonance- Home

Sometimes songs just scream “summer” to me and this song does exactly that. Well, that and “vine” (RIP). If you guys know what vine this is from, we could probably be best friends. But anyway, it’s a bop.

crash- EDEN

EDEN has always been one of my favorite singers ever. His voice is so beautiful and unique and ugh. I just really love him and this song is one of my current favorites. I would add so many EDEN songs, but I don’t want to force feed you EDEN. It should come naturally, and it probably will once you listen to him.

I’ve Been Doing Well- nothing.nowhere.

I love when a song has little audio intros before the music starts playing. It really sets a mood for me. And nothing.nowhere.’s music is really deep in my opinion. Good song.

My playlist just got a new make-over and a bunch of new songs were added so go check that out! The link to the playlist is in the sidebar! Let me know what songs you like from the playlist or if you have any suggestions!


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