20 Things I Learned By 20

Today I have finally reached the end of my teen years! Happy birthday to me! After living 7,305 days I think I’ve picked up on a thing or two. I’ve compiled the best 20 lessons I’ve learned since I was brought to this Earth via stork.

1. Giving compliments never hurts!

2. Forgiveness is key.

3. Family over everything.

4. Some people who come into your life have premeditated reasons.

5. You get impacted the most by people you’d never expect.

6. Your mom is probably right.

7. Wear a jacket when it’s chilly. You’ll regret it later.

8. Be open to other people’s opinions/perspectives.

9. It’s ok to be weak sometimes.

10. Target is a weakness that cannot be avoided.

11. Time with friends is important. Even if it’s short.

12. Some boys just don’t care, but that doesn’t make you less valuable.

13. High school is not the best 4 years of your life.

14. It’s ok to spend entire days in bed watching Netflix and Youtube.

15. Nothing/Nobody is forever.

16. It’s important to celebrate even the smallest victories.

17. Failure is just motivation to try again and try harder.

18. Different body types don’t determine your beauty/ worth.

19. Wearing sweatpants and no makeup doesn’t mean you are put together.

20. Life is good.

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