My Moving Experience (With Pictures)

Today marks the third day that I’ve been living in my new apartment. I originally planned on taking lots of pictures to add to an in-depth POV, but once I got to my building I was overwhelmed with emotions and completely forgot. But I can still give you guys a good description of what happened.

Let’s start at the beginning of the day.

I woke up pretty early after a night of hardly any sleep because I had an appointment to get my hair done. For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, I went blonde! It isn’t that important, but I figured I’d share.

My hair appointment went a little later than expected, so I ended up leaving my house at around 12:30 rather than 12. My mom and I drove together with a few items, while my dad drove separately with the majority of my things- a whole car full. After a quick trip to Walmart to grab a few last minute items, we were finally on the road to my apartment!

We arrived at the complex at almost 2, and were greeted by Mike- the man who manages my unit while the owner is living in a foreign country. He had us pull into the visitor’s lot in the back of the building to start unpacking things from the car. We visited briefly in the parking lot before heading up to my apartment to sign the lease and discuss the building’s handbook.

After I signed the lease and got the unit/building keys, we were introduced to one of the lobby workers. His name escapes me, but he was super sweet and made me feel welcomed. I signed a few more papers and located my mail box before heading to gather the rest of my things from the cars.

Once everything was moved up to my apartment, my dad decided to head back to my house (almost an hour away) to pick up my grandmas and sister so they could see the place. In that time, my mom and I started getting into boxes and getting things situated. That’s when it started to look like a tornado touched down in my living room. There were boxes and wrappers all over the floor. But when have I ever been known for being clean and organized?

We got a lot done before my family arrived, but there was still more to do. When they came into my apartment, they were all impressed with the space. I was still unsure about  it, as I had gotten worked up earlier about how unhappy I was with the place. I felt like it didn’t feel like a home… maybe more like a jail cell. I couldn’t see myself living there. I wondered why I jumped the gun and signed the lease without thinking.

A short while after my family got to the apartment, Zach showed up. Not only did he bring me Subway (your girl was STARVING), but he also helped build my nightstand. It felt really good having him and my family with me during the move. It felt like I had the support I needed during the transition.

It took a couple days to start feeling comfortable living here. I had a short period of really missing home, but it went away after only a day or so. Sometimes I forget that I’m 20 now and I have to be prepared to take big steps like this one. I am lucky though, as I get to come home in just a couple days to see friends one last time before school starts up.

After three days of being here, it already feels like home. It gives me a huge sense of accomplishment being able to say that I am living on my own and I can’t wait to spend the next 9 months here!

Now, before I share photos, please understand that I know this is not a luxurious apartment. This unit is affordable and livable for a college student. It’s cheaper and more convenient for me than dorming so I love it. I tried my best to make it something I was proud of and after some hard work, it’s just that. Again, I know it isn’t that grand, but it’s my place and I am very happy with the result.

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