Blogs That Are SLEIGHing Blogmas| Blogmas Day 10

Hi guys!

Today’s post will be short because I decided to share some of my favorite blogs that I’ve seen participating in blogmas this year! I’ve been following some of these blogs since I started out blogging on this platform and others just caught my eye recently. They’ve been killing the game and their content is amazing. Be sure to check them out and show some love! Their posts are all unique and fun, so feel free to dip your toe into a bit of everything! You can check out their sites by clicking their names below.

#1 Starring Pamela

#2 Jirah Merizz

#3 The Bookish Chick

#4 Something Different

#5 Elaine Howlin- Literary Blogger

Untitled_Artwork 2

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Hi, I'm Megann! I'm a 22 year old communication major living in Cleveland, Ohio. I have a passion for college and lifestyle blogging and can't wait to share my takes with you!

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