Starting My Youtube Channel!

Hi guys!

Those of you who have been around for a while might have noticed that I have an embedded Youtube link in the sidebar of my homepage that takes you to an empty channel titled “Megann Louise.” Well after months of trying to convince myself to take the plunge, I’m finally doing it!

I’ve wanted to make a Youtube channel for as long as I can remember, but I always chickened out. In middle school, I made an account just to learn about what Youtube was, and ultimately got made fun of by my classmates for my videos. Not going to lie- I would’ve made fun of me too. Sis wasn’t cute.

The teasing I got scared me and made me nervous to venture back into the Youtube scene. Like I said, I spent months fighting myself over whether or not I should start posting videos again. In the eight-ish years that I’ve been off Youtube (posting, anyway) I learned a lot about filming and editing that would help bump up the quality of my videos (which wouldn’t be hard since my old videos were filmed using my laptop’s webcam).

I have a lot of plans for my channel and I’m excited to get started! To subscribe, click this link or go to the link in the sidebar to be redirected to my channel!




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