What Happened to Blogmas?

Hey guys!

Some of you have noticed that Blogmas stopped dead in its tracks a couple weeks ago. I was hoping we could just sweep it under the rug and pretend it never happened, but I guess it’s harder than I thought. So I guess I’ll quickly go over everything that happened that made this year’s Blogmas a total bust…

Problem #1

As you guys may have known, I had finals the second week of December. To make ensure posts would be ready and uploaded during finals week, I spend a whole day pumping out a week’s worth of content. Those posts were scheduled for upload, right? HA. Wrong.

Everything looked as if it was scheduled and ready to be uploaded, but for some reason all the settings were screwed up. Just my luck. I didn’t notice for a few days, but then I finally made them public.

Problem #2

This one pissed me off to my core.

I like to type out my posts on Word before uploading them. I spent another two days writing out posts ahead of time after I figured out the situation with scheduling. Then my computer said, “hey, let’s ruin Meg’s day,” and lost all of my blog files. That included photographs, featured images, and posts themselves. Coolio…

So instead of working my butt off a third time to rewrite everything, I decided to take some time away from my computer. That’s why nothing has been up in a minute.

I’ve been pulling hair out of my head for weeks over Blogmas, so I’ve decided to call it off. I think I definitely jinxed myself when I first said this year’s Blogmas would be so much better than last years!

Anyway, I’ll still be making posts throughout December, so don’t worry. Shitty content is still on the agenda! I’m just done bulk-scheduling posts for a while.

Untitled_Artwork 2

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