Just Beachy

Hi guys! Sorry I’m late. School ran me over with a truckload of assignments last week and I had nothing prepared on time (typical Meg). But I’m here! Better late than never, right?

Since fall is right around the corner, I’ve been trying to soak up all the sunshine and summer happiness while I can. That means frequent trips to the beach with my favorite people! I swear, I’ve lived by the lake for almost three years and I’ve never been to the beach as much as I have in the last month. Now, of course, I’m kicking myself in head for not going before, but I’m so glad I’ve finally gotten out of the apartment and enjoyed the fresh air.

Being that I haven’t had much time to write up something of great importance for the blog, I thought maybe I’d turn this week’s post into a purge of all the fun beach photos we took at the lake. Nothing special or exciting, but still something to post so my guilt doesn’t eat me alive!

But don’t take this as a “I’m going to miss summer” post, because who can ever miss summer when fall comes around?! I’m so excited for pumpkin spice, apple picking, and sweater weather!


Untitled_Artwork 2

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