How I Organized And Customized My Laptop | 2019 MacBook Pro

Hi guys! I’ve been wanting to make this post for a while now but I wanted to wait until I was completely happy with how everything looked. Now it’s finally time for a laptop tour/ how I organize my laptop post! Why am I so excited for this one?

So here’s what my desktop looks like. Take it all in real quick. Also please don’t comment about my 5,000 emails. I know I suck!

As you can see, I have my folder icons personalized and sticky notes all pinned like a little virtual bulletin board. I love the way it turned out and how easy it is to find everything that I need. So let’s get into how it’s all done.

*Disclaimer: I learned all of these cool tricks from different people on social media, but I can’t remember all of their names. If they come to me, I’ll give them full credit! I just don’t want to take credit for any of these myself!

How To Customize Folder Icons

I found this trick on TikTok a while back and immediately ran to my laptop to try it out! So cute, right?

  1. Google clipart that you would like to use for the icon. This can be anything. I chose the white heart emoji. And it helps if the photo has a transparent background. But if it doesn’t, you can remove it through markup.
  2. Copy the image.
  3. Right click to create a new folder, or use an existing one.
  4. Once the folder is created, right click on the folder and choose “Get Info.”
  5. Click the folder icon in the top left corner of the information window.
  6. “Control” + “C”

How To Customize Sticky Notes To Create a Virtual Bulletin Board

Full credit goes to Julia Crist on Youtube for teaching me this one. As soon as I changed my folder icons I was hooked and went on a deep dive to find more tricks and this one changed the game, even though it’s super simple. I just love the look if it now!


I wish I could remember where I downloaded these fonts from so I could share, but I love them! If you have downloaded fonts that you want to use to customize your sticky notes, here’s what to do!

  1. Open your stickies
  2. Click “Font” in the top left corner of your screen.
  3. Choose “Show Fonts” then select the font that you want to use.


This one was a little time consuming for me because I couldn’t quite figure out what size I wanted the photo to be. Stickies has a feature where you can simply add a photo to the sticky note but the photo is almost always too big. So I take a few extra steps to make sure it fits without cropping anything out. I’m sure there’s other ways to go about this, but here’s how I did it!

  1. Choose your photo.
  2. Create a new sticky note that is the size you would like your photo to be on your desktop. Use this for reference.
  3. Open Pages or Microsoft Word and drop your photo into a new document.
  4. Scale it down to a size that would fit in the sticky note.
  5. “Command” + “Shift” + “4”
  6. Trace a box around the photo by clicking and dragging the cursor. Release the cursor after you have highlighted the entire photo.
  7. Drag and drop the photo to the sticky note when it appears in the bottom right corner. It only appears there for a brief time before moving to the desktop, so if you cannot find it in the corner, check the desktop for a screenshot of the photo.

And there you have it! Nothing too fancy, but it looks so nice in the end! If you try any of these out, I hope you like the new look of your desktop! Let me know if there’s any other laptop posts you’d like to see!

Untitled_Artwork 2

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