Meg on the Mic Ep. 3- Zach Attack

Hello everybody! Welcome to another episode of Meg on the Mic! On today’s episode, I am joined with my boyfriend as we talk about the ups and downs of our relationship, his new pet turtle, and so much more. Zach’s socials: Twitter: @ZConstantino Instagram: @zach_constantino   My socials: Twitter: @_megannlouise_ Instagram: @meg.rosecrans Snapchat: megyloui Advertisements

Meg on the Mic Ep. 2 – McDonald’s Mukbang

  On this episode of Meg on the Mic, my sister and I go to McDonalds and have a car ride mukbang podcast. We talk about Rianna’s new car, a fake brand trying to con me out of money, and our favorite podcasters.   Rianna’s socials: twitter: @rrose2019 instagram: @ri.rosecrans snapchat: roseycheekz   My socials: twitter: @_megannlouise_ instagram: @meg.rosecrans snapchat: megyloui

Meg on the Mic Ep.1- The Intro

Welcome to Meg on the Mic! Today’s episode is all me rambling on about my plans for Meg on the Mic and essentially begging you to stick around and give it a chance. The first real episode should be up in a couple weeks, so stay tuned!