Much Needed Me Time

Have you ever liked the smell of a candle so much that you keep burning it until there’s no wax left? Well, I’m that candle… and after a long impressive run, I’ve burnt out. I’ve been going to sleep late and waking up in the middle of the day. My laundry has been on the corner of my bed for nearly two weeks and I have yet to do the dirty laundry in my hamper.

I always get a pre-burnout feeling. It’s like the universe is telling me to take a break before I have to take an even bigger one. But I’m pretty thick-skulled and ignored the signs every single time. You know what that means- full brain-purging mental breakdown.

Just a couple days ago, that was exactly what happened. I won’t get into it, but I really do think “full brain-purging mental breakdown” is the best description I could go with.

Whenever I get this way, I like to have some well deserved me time. I usually spend this time in my room watching youtube videos, listening to podcasts, or scrolling through social media. I know a lot of people would think that going on social media is a bad thing to do during me time, but I believe that your me time should be spent doing things that make you feel happy and/or comfortable. For me, I love scrolling on Pinterest and Twitter.

Another thing that I just found that has been great for when I need some time to myself is an app called Sanity and Self. It’s an app for women devoted to self-care. It’s full of guided audio sessions based around all kinds of topics such as relationships, sex, self-love (my favorite), sleep, stress, and yoga. I haven’t invested in the premium features- which allows access to all the audio files on the app- so I can’t give a full review on it. What I’ve seen so far, though, has been pretty impressive. I highly recommend.

Whenever I’ve had a stressful day/week and need a little time to unwind, I like to clean up my bedroom. Having a clean space to detoxify in is key to bouncing back from a burnout, I’m sure we can all agree. Who even likes being in a messy space? I start out by lighting a candle. Afterward, I make sure all of my dirty clothes are in the hamper to get cleaned. Then I fold/hang any other clothes laying around (don’t act like you’re perfect… I’m sure you have clean clothes on your floor too). Once that’s all cleaned up, I make my bed and fluff my pillows. Seconds later, I ruin my freshly made bed by hopping into it.

Sometimes it helps a lot to plan out my week in advance to prevent last-minute stress. I typically use Google Calendar to keep track of what’s going on in my life. I like how easy it is to color code and move things around. I write down blog ideas, special events, things I have to get done, and holidays I’m most likely to forget.

So if you haven’t caught on by now, I like to keep myself occupied whenever I’m alone. I know most people like to relax and do as little as possible, but I love keeping busy.

What do you do when you need some time to yourself?

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Journey: The Road to Health and Self-Love


After forcing myself to become someone socially acceptable, I lost sight of who I truly was. I spent years collapsing when faced with peer pressure and it ultimately destroyed my confidence. After realizing what I had been doing to myself, I found the strength to correct myself and promote a healthier lifestyle. This has been a long journey, and I’m ready to share my story with those who may be looking for motivation to help themselves.

Key in the Ignition

I can’t lie to you, starting this process took more than one look in the mirror. It took about 1,460. And once I took that final look and decided to make a change, it wasn’t set in stone. I spent days at a time arguing with myself over whether or not it was truly worth it in the long run. I doubted my strength and courage to take on such a demanding challenge. But once I noticed how much negativity I directed towards myself, I realized that something really needed to be done in order to rescue myself from the downward spiral I was heading towards.

On the Side of the Road

A few weeks after going through an emotional end to a relationship, I was distraught and depressed beyond comprehension. I didn’t care about my schoolwork or relations with others. I shut down completely and never left my bedroom. Eating became a challenge, as I imagined that whatever went down would come right back up moments later. I ate about one meal a day and rarely cleared my plate when I did decide to eat.

Not only did I suffer from a potential eating disorder, but I also lacked efficient amounts of sleep. I stayed up late crying to John Legend songs and reading Atticus’ poetry on Instagram. I watched as weeks went by and my physical appearance seemed to deteriorate. Looking back at it now, I am truly blessed to have recovered from all I had been going through.

Now, I am in no way blaming my ex for what I went through. This was all my own doing- my own heart and my own decisions. I completely empathize for him now, since I understand where I had gone wrong before. I just felt that I needed to clarify since a lot of people would take it as a jab in his direction. But I am actually thankful for the pain brought on by the tragic end to our relationship because it helped me realize what I had been doing wrong and it motivated me to finally change.

Are We There Yet?

Being new to recovery, I was unaware of how long of a process it would be. I’d spend a few days being nothing but positive and caring, but come home feeling nothing but drained and stuck in one place. I didn’t see any progress nor did I give myself the time to. I wanted to be better, and I wanted it right away.

Eventually, however, I came to grips with the reality of the process. It wasn’t going to be ok in a day or two, maybe not even a year or two. It was just going to run its course and whatever happened, happened. And fortunately, being accepting of the truth of the matter helped the process move faster than it originally had been.

You Have Reached Your Destination

Ok, so “reaching my destination” may be a slight exaggeration since I have so much further to go, but I have definitely seen remarkable advancements in the right direction. I’ve learned to love myself and others for the littlest things. I’ve promoted self-love and independence. I have no longer relied on others for my happiness and it has made me realize how precious life is. Oh, God that’s cliché, but let me explain.

Life is like driving down a long and winding road. You’re in control of where you take yourself. When faced with an obstacle in that road, you can either keep driving through it in hopes that one day the pot holes and rain storms will become routine, or you can turn right onto a freshly paved road with beautiful blossoming flowers and welcoming brick houses. But before you can decide which route to take, you have to recognize where you are and where you want to end up.