The Life of a College Student as Depicted by The Office

College is a rollercoaster of emotions. So is The Office, a television show that college students seem to be obsessed with. I can see why, as so much of what goes on in the show is relatable for any student.

1.  When you check your bank account to see if you can go out to eat with your friends.

2. When your friends go to the library without you.

3. When you tested into a high math on accident.

4. Making sure you’re eating 3 square meals a day.

5. That failed exam?

6. When you decide to change your major after already taking classes you won’t need.

7. Reviewing the entire semester’s material for final exams.

8. When it’s time to go but your professor keeps lecturing.

9. When the friends you made fall semester don’t talk to you during the spring semester.

10. Coming back to your home town after working your ass off all semester.

I could go on forever with more ways that The Office is just soooo relatable, but




15 Vines I’m Still Quoting

It’s been two long, painful years without Vine. To mourn the tragic death on its anniversary, I have compiled 15 vines that I catch myself quoting all the time. Rest in peace, legend. We miss you.

  1. “Look at all those chickens!”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-3.20.05-PM.png

  2. “Road work ahead? Uh, yeah. I sure hope it does.”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-3.21.28-PM.png

  3. “Me and my boys are going to see Uncle Kracker.” Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-3.25.37-PM-e1546461407591.png

  4. “Wow.”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-3.22.05-PM-1-e1546461563209.png

  5. “What?”

  6. “And they were roommates.”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-3.30.49-PM-e1546461778404.png

  7. “An avocado! Thanks!”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-3.31.36-PM.png

  8. “Adam!”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-3.28.15-PM.png

  9. “That hurt like a buttcheek on a stick.”Image result for that hurt like a buttcheek on a stick vine

  10. “You have been stopped.”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-4.11.53-PM.png

  11. “Merry Chrysler.”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-4.14.15-PM-e1546463724874.png

  12. “I don’t have enough money for chicken nuggets.”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-4.17.57-PM.png

  13. “Oh my God. He on X Games mode.”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-3.50.51-PM.png

  14. “Lebron James.”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-3.59.09-PM.png

  15. “What the fuck is up Kyle?”Screen-Shot-2019-01-02-at-3.53.50-PM.png