Meet The Newest Member of Our Family!

Meet The Newest Member of Our Family!


Well, technically my family got a puppy. I just get to puppy-sit for them sometimes. But that’s fine by me because she’s an absolute menace so far!

Everyone meet Nova!

She’s a red and blue heeler mix, which was awesome since my dad has been saying for years how much he would love a blue heeler. She loves play time, but gets tuckered out pretty easily and goes right to sleep (lucky for us). She’s quite the biter- I’m currently writing this with a little bloody indent in my hand, but that’s ok. She’s itty bitty and still teething so I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt there.

So far she’s been a handful. I think the biggest challenges right now are potty training and co-existing with our cat as he’s getting pretty territorial. But overall, I know this cute new addition to the family is so loved and we can’t wait to watch her grow up!

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