The Best Christmas Movies | Blogmas Day 9

If you’ve been following my Blogmas posts, you probably can recall that I am not a huge fan of Christmas movies. To be completely honest, I don’t consider myself a fan of most movies. I hate having to pay attention to something for extended periods of time. I know, I know, I’m totally lazy. It just makes me feel like I’m wasting my time. However, there are a few holiday movies that I can actually sit through. If I  like these movies, I’m sure everyone else can find something to like about them too.

First, let’s get all the classics out of the way.

1. The “Santa Clause” Movies

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One of my first favorite Christmas movies. Tim Allen kills it. And the magic of the story is so fascinating. I just really love this freaking movie. A lot.

2. A Christmas Story

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Alright… don’t attack me, but I had never seen this movie until two days ago. It started when my sister played (and killed)  the role of the mother when our hometown put on a production of A Christmas Story. That was my first time ever hearing the plot. Then, my boyfriend invited me over on Tuesday to help him put up Christmas decorations (yeah, he’s a procrastinator), and I was “rewarded” with a late night screening of A Christmas Story. I think it was easier for me to get through because I just thought about my sister’s lines versus the lines in the movie. But I really liked the story and purity of the movie. It’s super cute. Even though I almost cried when the dad’s turkey got eaten by the hounds. Spoiler alert, I guess.

3. Christmas in Homestead

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Just like any other Hallmark storyline. Girl meets guy, guy is a butt, girl changes guy, girl and guy fall in love and live happily ever after. But this time… IT’S CHRISTMASSY. I really hate that all Hallmark movies have the same basic plot, but I can never take my eyes off the t.v. whenever one is on. I quickly became obsessed with this movie for no apparent reason. But since it’s not so much of a classic, I guess I’ll sum it up for you real quick. The girl, Jessica, comes to a small town to film a movie. She’s staying in a hotel owned by the town’s mayor, who is a …butt… and while she tries to keep it civil, they end up being a little more than civil, if you know what I mean.

4. Holiday in Handcuffs

Holiday in Handcuffs.jpg

Maybe I’m biased because I love Melissa Joan Hart, but this movie is so good. I first saw this when I was 10 (I think) and I think about it every Christmas season. It’s about a girl who is basically a miserable failure and doesn’t want to disappoint her family when she comes home for Christmas, so she kidnaps some guy and forces him to pretend to be her boyfriend. I’m just so interested in it because guess what… spoiler alert… THEY FALL IN LOVE. And I think we all know, that would NOT happen in real life. So I guess that’s why it’s on Freeform and not Crime Watch Daily.

5. A December Bride

A December Bride

Another Hallmark movie. I’m sorry. If you’re looking for a painful romantic comedy that will make you feel a whole bunch of different ways by the end, this is the one.


I’m trying to get into the holiday spirit this year, so if you can think of any more Christmas movies that I should check out this year, let me know!


Welcome to The New!

Hey guys!

You may have noticed that things have been changing on I have been playing around with settings and displays in hopes of making this site exactly how I’ve always wanted it. And finally, after months of tweaking things, I have figured it out. Welcome to the new! Some articles have been removed and some new features were created. Let me show you around .

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Well, for starters, the entire layout has changed. You’ll notice that categories are displayed across the top bar of the webpage. This is so you can specify the content that you are interested in reading about. All articles in each category are sorted from latest to earliest. The categories may change, but all of my content is still available using the sidebar on the right.

The next addition to the site are the two categories that you do not see listed yet.

I had been wanting to add new content formats for a while, but had no idea how I wanted to do that… until now. Introducing- Meg on the Mic! This is a podcast that will feature friends, family, classmates, and other special guests. The first episode will be up on Saturday (November 10) and will be a short and sweet series opener hosted by yours truly.

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I’m super excited to get the new site up and running. It feels like I’m finally doing things how I’ve wanted to do them. I hope you guys are welcoming to the changes and like what I start to do with my site.

If you guys have any additional ideas, let me know!

I’ll see you guys Saturday with episode one of Meg on the Mic!